Our Initiatives

Our initiatives

2020 has uncovered gaps and weaknesses in supply chains that require digital transformation. While the common effort was focused on tackling the pandemic, problems like climate change, extreme droughts and floods, air and water pollution didn’t go away. Now we have a chance to address these perils from the perspective of the new normal.

We have launched the initiatives with the climate at their core


We are creating a hub of bright ideas accumulated in one place. Students and educators from all over the world are trusted with the OpenWeather’s data to be used in their research projects. We believe that this will help us to come up with solutions for the better climate, cleaner air and sustainable future.

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We would like to carry on supporting the independent research groups that tackle down the current healthcare challenges. The least we could do is to provide a free access to our Medium plan for Historical Weather Collection which includes the atmospheric parameters to consider in modelling the COVID-19 behaviour.

Open Source

Developers across the world benefit from the Open Source software ecosystem and OpenWeather is not an exception. While influenced by the platforms like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, we have used the Open Source software in the foundation of our platform. To inspire the Open Source developers and to facilitate the accessibility of weather data, we choose to gear up those who contribute to the Open Source infrastructure.

Weather stations

If you also believe in the significance of climate data in tackling climate and healthcare challenges and would like to contribute to our initiatives, then we invite you to connect your automated weather station to our platform. The accuracy of weather data benefits from enthusiasts from all over the world and we reward these contributions with our Startup plan.