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Weather icons

Example of API response

Example of API response
  "weather": [
	  "id": 500,
	  "description": "light rain",
	  "icon": "10n"

NOTE: It is possible to meet more than one weather condition for a requested location. The first weather condition in API respond is primary. An example

How to get icon URL

For code 500 - light rain icon = "10d". See below a full list of codes
URL is

Icon list

Day icon Night icon Description
01d.png 01n.png clear sky
02d.png 02n.png few clouds
03d.png 03n.png scattered clouds
04d.png 04n.png broken clouds
09d.png 09n.png shower rain
10d.png 10n.png rain
11d.png 11n.png thunderstorm
13d.png 13n.png snow
50d.png 50n.png mist

Weather condition codes

Group 2xx: Thunderstorm

200 Thunderstorm thunderstorm with light rain 11d
201 Thunderstorm thunderstorm with rain 11d
202 Thunderstorm thunderstorm with heavy rain 11d
210 Thunderstorm light thunderstorm 11d
211 Thunderstorm thunderstorm 11d
212 Thunderstorm heavy thunderstorm 11d
221 Thunderstorm ragged thunderstorm 11d
230 Thunderstorm thunderstorm with light drizzle 11d
231 Thunderstorm thunderstorm with drizzle 11d
232 Thunderstorm thunderstorm with heavy drizzle 11d

Group 3xx: Drizzle

300 Drizzle light intensity drizzle 09d
301 Drizzle drizzle 09d
302 Drizzle heavy intensity drizzle 09d
310 Drizzle light intensity drizzle rain 09d
311 Drizzle drizzle rain 09d
312 Drizzle heavy intensity drizzle rain 09d
313 Drizzle shower rain and drizzle 09d
314 Drizzle heavy shower rain and drizzle 09d
321 Drizzle shower drizzle 09d

Group 5xx: Rain

500 Rain light rain 10d
501 Rain moderate rain 10d
502 Rain heavy intensity rain 10d
503 Rain very heavy rain 10d
504 Rain extreme rain 10d
511 Rain freezing rain 13d
520 Rain light intensity shower rain 09d
521 Rain shower rain 09d
522 Rain heavy intensity shower rain 09d
531 Rain ragged shower rain 09d

Group 6xx: Snow

600 Snow light snow 13d
601 Snow snow 13d
602 Snow heavy snow 13d
611 Snow sleet 13d
612 Snow light shower sleet 13d
613 Snow shower sleet 13d
615 Snow light rain and snow 13d
616 Snow rain and snow 13d
620 Snow light shower snow 13d
621 Snow shower snow 13d
622 Snow heavy shower snow 13d

Group 7xx: Atmosphere

701 Mist mist 50d
711 Smoke smoke 50d
721 Haze haze 50d
731 Dust sand/dust whirls 50d
741 Fog fog 50d
751 Sand sand 50d
761 Dust dust 50d
762 Ash volcanic ash 50d
771 Squall squalls 50d
781 Tornado tornado 50d

Group 800: Clear

800 Clear clear sky 01d

Group 80x: Clouds

801 Clouds few clouds: 11-25% 02d
802 Clouds scattered clouds: 25-50% 03d
803 Clouds broken clouds: 51-84% 04d
804 Clouds overcast clouds: 85-100% 04d
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